• Asking Questions in English
  • FlorianRuhl
  • 08.04.2021
  • Englisch
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  • Who is Mr. Ruhl? Who are you?
    What you learn this week:

    - To ask questions in English

    - To write an e-mail

    Do you already know Mr. Ruhl? He is one of the student teachers. He wants to tell you some things about himself. But he is not sure if you understand all the words he says. Some of the words are maybe new to you. So let's check some vocabulary first. Go to the first task:

    Which words do you know already?
    • Have a look at the words. You already know some of them. But some words are new to you.
    • Put the words into the table:
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    Who is Mr. Ruhl?

    Listen to the audio file Who is Mr. Ruhl on Lernsax. What is he talking about? Tick the correct pictures:
    Listen again and tick the correct answers.
    • ❏ Mr. Ruhl has two children.
    • ❏ Mr. Ruhl likes it when it gets cold.
    • ❏ Mr. Ruhl likes to ride his bike.
    • ❏ Mr. Ruhl reads books and magazines.
    • ❏ Mr. Ruhl plays video games until after midnight.
    • ❏ Mr. Ruhl sometimes gets angry at his son.

    Look out!

    The English word when means

    wann and wenn in German.

    When - Which - How - Who - What - Where - Why

    Fill in the correct question word

    old is he? He is 40 years old.
    does he get angry? When his son doesn't hear what he says.
    does he like more? He likes summer more than winter.
    doesn't he like rain? Because he doesn't like to get wet.
    video games does he play? He plays FIFA and NBA2K.
    does he live? He lives in Leipzig-Connewitz.
    is his favourite basketball player His favourite player is Luka Doncic.

  • When - How - Who - What - Where - Why
    You ask Mr Ruhl questions. Read the answers.
    Then write your questions with the correct question word from the box and do or does.

    Where do the Ruhls live? They live in Leipzig.
    many children Mr. Ruhl have? He has two children: a daughter and a son.
    Mr. Ruhl's children really love? Mr. Ruhl's children love their kindergarten teacher.
    Mr. Ruhl in his free time? He spends time with his family.
    Mr. Ruhl play video games? He plays video games in the evening.
    Mr. Ruhl only play video games until midnight? He has to get up early the next morning.
    Mr. Ruhl's children go to kindergarten? They go by bus.
    activity Mr. Ruhl’s children find boring? Mr. Ruhl’s children find cleaning their room boring.

    Write an E-mail

    On the computer, write an e-Mail to one of the student teachersl. In your e-Mail, talk about yourself and write five or more sentences about Mr. Ruhl's family, his likes and dislikes, hobbies and free time. se at least three different question words (when, which, how, who, what, where, why)

    Hi Mr. Ruhl.

    Your hobbies sound so nice. I ... Do you ... ?

    Do your children ... ? What music ... they ... ?