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a) Wheat: a ce­re­al grain which is a world­wi­de stap­le food.

b) Rye: grain used for ma­king flour, and as a food for catt­le.

c) Bar­ley: its grains are used for food and for ma­king beer and whis­ky.

d) Oat: a hardy ce­re­al plant grown in cool cli­ma­tes as food for human beings or hor­ses.



a) To­ma­to: the to­ma­to is the edi­ble, often red, fruit of the plant So­lanum lyco­per­si­cum. The plant be­longs to the nights­ha­de fa­mi­ly. The spe­ci­es ori­gi­na­ted in Cen­tral and South Ame­ri­ca.

b) Cab­ba­ge: cab­ba­ge is a leafy green or purple bi­en­ni­al plant. It is de­scen­ded from the wild cab­ba­ge and is clo­se­ly re­la­ted to broc­co­li and cau­li­flow­er, Brussels sprouts and savoy cab­ba­ge.

c) Pump­kin: a pump­kin is a cul­ti­var of a squash plant that is round, with smooth, slight­ly rib­bed skin, and deep yel­low to oran­ge co­lo­ra­ti­on.

pump­kin, herbst, ge­mü­se
Savoy cab­ba­ge
To­ma­to fa­mi­ly