• Red Line 5 - Unit 2 - Option 1 - Streetwise
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  • 30.06.2020
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B. p. 38/39: Street­wi­se

Read Tom's let­ter on p. 38 ONLY!
  • Sum up his pro­blem in a few sen­ten­ces.
  • What would you do, if you were in a si­tua­ti­on like Tom's?
Read the re­plies on p. 39.
  • Sum up the ad­vices in a few key­words each in the first table.
  • Who gives the best and the worst ad­vice? Write down ar­gu­ments to sup­port your an­s­wer in the se­cond table.

Ska­ter­Ka­te, 15

Mista Mack, 16

Thor­ny Two, 16

Best ad­vice (and why)

Worst ad­vice (and why)

Crea­ti­ve Wri­ting: A short story

Write a short story: The topic is My fri­end is in a gang. Write at least 120 words.