• London Stories: Royal Duty 1868 - What happens to them next?
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  • 30.06.2020
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Lon­don Sto­ries: Royal Duty 1868 Klas­se 7b

a) Read the text O2 on page 74 in your book

b) O2 a) Write down in short sen­ten­ces, how Seven Dials is de­scri­bed in the story.

c) Com­pa­re the de­scrip­ti­on of Seven Dials with the pic­tu­re. Dis­cuss with a part­ner or in groups of three.

Lan­guage Sup­port

It is even worse than I thought be­cau­se now I know that ...

It is ex­ac­t­ly as I gues­sed. To me, it was ob­vious from the dra­wing that...

The story and the pic­tu­re make me feel ... be­cau­se ...