• Modal verbs and their substitutes
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  • 30.06.2020
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Monster rules for monster schools

In our last lessons we talked about rules at school or at youth hostels. We can use modal verbs to express what is allowed and what is not.
Mon – the monster - goes to Monster School in Monsterland.
  • Draw a picture of Mon.
  • Then write ten funny rules for Monster School. Use the simple present.

you may

use roller-skates

under the table

you may not

speak German

in pyjama trousers

you should

play with toys

on Fridays

you should not

write with green pencils

in English lesson

you must

use bows and arrows

in the cafeteria

you need not/needn’t

wear pink leggings

without shoes on

you must not/mustn’t

eat apple pie

in summer/winter


eat other monsters

with your tail

shake hands

before lunch

clean the blackboard

with dirty hands



Hi, I am Mon!

Simple present!!

You visited Monster School in Monsterland last year.
  • Put 5 of your school rules into the simple past.
  • You must use subsitutes for your modals!

Simple past!!

We will go to Monster School on our class trip next year.
  • Put 5 of your school rules into the will-future.
  • You must use subsitutes for your modals!

Will- future!!

Modals and their substitutes

For more information see textbook p. 165.