• Booking a Flight
  • anonym
  • 16.07.2022
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What can I do for you?

I'd like to book a flight to , please.

And where would you like to depart?

I'd like to fly from , please.

When do you plan to travel?

I want to go on the .

Would you like a one-way or a round trip ticket?

I'd like a round trip ticket, please. I am coming back on the

Would you like a morning, an afternoon or an evening flight?

I'd like an flight, please.

Which class do you prefer, economy, business or first class?

I'd prefer to fly .

How many seats would you like to book?

I'd like to book seats. I'll travel (alone/ with...)

There is a (direct/one-stop) to . It departs at o'clock. The airline is , is that okay for you?

I'd like to fly with , thank you. How much would the flight cost?

It would cost per person.

That's fine for me. / Are there cheaper options?
How long will the flight take?

The total time of the flight is .
I would need your name and address to book the flight.

My name is and I live in (street + number) in (city),(country).

Thank you, I will book the following flight for you: Departure on (Date) at (time) in (city) and arrival at (time) in (city), your return flight will start at (time) and land at (time). You will fly with (airline) and pay (price) for a (... class) ticket. You will fly (alone/ with X people.
Is that correct?

Yes, everything sounds fine for me. Thank you for your service and for helping me. Good bye!

Your welcome, if you have any questions feel free to call me. Good bye.