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  • 30.06.2020
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Checklist for writing a comment
  • Does the introduction include a general observation or interesting fact?
  • Does the introduction include the topic or question?
  • Are the arguments structured in a logical order?
  • Does each argument include an example?
  • Does the conclusion give the author's own opinion?
  • Is the last argument the most important point for the author's opinion?
  • How many connecting phrases (firstly, lastly, all in all...) are used?
  • Does the author use some new vocabulary of the unit?
  • Is the spelling correct?
  • Are different kinds of sentences used (longer and shorter sentences with different beginnings)?
  • Is the comment written in simple present (examples: present perfect)?
  • Did you notice any important mistakes?
  • Are pro and con arguments included?
  • Does the author give good and convincing arguments?
  • Do the examples make sense?