• Irregular Verbs
  • Felix Kolewe
  • 30.06.2020
  • Mittlere Reife
  • Englisch
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Ir­re­gu­lar Verbs

What is drove?
The verb (to) be

The verb (to) be be­longs amongst the most im­portant words in the Eng­lish lan­guage.

Put the fol­lo­wing words in the simp­le past in the right place:
(to) be, see, call, spend, steal, stop, drive

In 1967 my mum and dad to Italy. They their sum­mer ho­li­days at the beach. One day they a thief at the beach. The thief a purse, but one tou­rist brave and the thief. He the po­li­ce and they the thief.

When do you use the simp­le past?
What´s wrong with the fol­lo­wing sen­ten­ces? Write the cor­rect ver­si­on below!
  • My fri­end were in Rome last sum­mer.
  • In 2014 is the foot­ball world cup.
  • The Eng­lish exam are too easy.
Trans­la­te the verbs and write down the three forms:
  • haben
  • sein
  • gehen
  • essen