• Christas in the US vs. in the UK
  • Leipzig University
  • 03.10.2021
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Find the differences - Who does what for/at Christmas?
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Call Christmas Crimbo

Write letters to Santa

Burn the letters in the fire

Hang stockings around the fireplace

Hang stocking around the bed

Leave milk and cookies for Santa

Leave brandy and pie

Have Christmas crackers

Have Christmas hats

Have roasted turkey, sausages and potatoes, veggies and gravy for dinner

Have pumpkin pies for dessert

Have pudding for dessert

The Queen gives a Christmas speech

Call the 26th of December Boxing Day

Have pantomime plays

Put away the tree and decoration after 12 days

Fun Fact

Rudolph the Reindeer was created by the U.S. department store Montgomery Ward to get children to buy Christmas coloring books, however, his nose was not red as they did not want him to appear as a chronic alcoholic.