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Eng­lish test
Unit 3: Sport is good for you (Pre­sent per­fect)

I can/ know ...

I know that!

I think I know that...

I need to

re­vi­se that!

...build the

pre­sent per­fect and I know the si­gnal words (simp­le past vs pre­sent per­fect)

->p.183 (!)

->p.56 Nr.10

..ne­ga­te in the pre­sent per­fect


(No, I haven't left yet.)

->p.65 Nr.1

...know how to build a ques­ti­on in the pre­sent per­fect

->Have you ever (seen)..?"

->Has she/he ever..?

->p.53 Nr.2

->p.182 G6

...health vo­ca­bu­la­ry

-> p.55 use­ful phra­ses

-> p.227

...how to ask and an­s­wer in

an in­ter­view

as a news pre­sen­ter, re­por­ter, wit­ness

-> p.59

-> p.228

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