• CLIL (digital) - Ancient Greece
  • Mario Liftenegger
  • 26.04.2021
  • Geschichte
  • 9
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Task 1

Use your mobile device to scan the QR Code and enter three elements of Ancient Greece that still exist today. Look at the word cloud your teacher will then show you. Write down three words you do not understand. Then look up your three words in the online dictionary. If you know all the words, check if your classmates have written them correctly. Once you have finished, get into pairs and explain the meaning or correct spelling of your words to your partner. Switch partners at least twice.

Task 2

Use your mobile device again to scan the QR Code and learn more about Ancient Greece. Afterwards create a mindmap with the most important facts mentioned in the video.

When you are done, form pairs (find a parter with whom you haven’t worked together yet) and discuss your results.

Task 3

Watch the short video “The ancient origins of the Olympics” about the origin of the Olympic Games on your mobile device/computer. Take notes of the content of the video, as you will need them for task 4. If you have any questions, your teacher is ready to help.

Task 4

Get into pairs and try to answer the questions below. Use your notes of task 2. When you have answered the questions, switch partners and compare the questions with your new partner.

  • What were the origins of the Olympic Games?
  • Which new sporting events were added to the Olympic Games over the years?
  • Where the Olympic Games held uninterruped till today? Give reasons for the developement.