• Comment: Can-Do-List
  • EdaYig
  • 05.11.2023
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Com­ment Wri­ting Can-​Do-List:

Good Luck with your Wri­ting!

  • 1
    I can cle­ar­ly state the im­por­tance and re­le­van­ce of the cho­sen topic.
  • 2
    I can write an en­ga­ging in­tro­duc­tion that grabs the rea­der's at­ten­ti­on, pos­si­b­ly by re­fer­ring to a re­cent event re­la­ted to the topic.
Main Part
  • 1
    I can pre­sent three pa­ra­graphs with well-​articulated contra-​arguments, fol­lo­wed by an ex­pla­na­ti­on or ex­am­ple, op­po­sing the topic.
  • 2
    I can pre­sent three pa­ra­graphs with per­sua­si­ve pro-​arguments, fol­lo­wed by an ex­pla­na­ti­on or ex­am­ple, in sup­port of the topic.
  • 1
    I can en­su­re that the con­clu­si­on is di­rec­t­ly re­la­ted to the ori­gi­nal ques­ti­on.
  • 2
    I can ex­press my own opi­ni­on cle­ar­ly and con­cis­e­ly in the con­clu­si­on.
  • 3
    I can pro­vi­de a well-​rounded con­clu­si­on that may in­clude a sum­ma­ry, out­look, so­lu­ti­on, or con­side­ra­ti­on of con­se­quen­ces.
  • 1
    I can use strong and con­vin­cing ar­gu­ments throug­hout the com­ment.
  • 2
    I can suc­cess­ful­ly ful­fill the re­qui­re­ments of the given topic and text type.
  • 3
    I can de­mons­tra­te depth, crea­ti­vi­ty, and back­ground know­ledge in my ar­gu­men­ta­ti­on.
  • 4
    I can or­ga­ni­se my com­ment with a clear and lo­gi­cal struc­tu­re.
  • 5
    I can crea­te pa­ra­graphs that are me­a­ning­ful and con­tri­bu­te ef­fec­tive­ly to the over­all co­he­rence of the text.
  • 6
    I can use a di­ver­se and va­ried vo­ca­bu­la­ry to enhan­ce the qua­li­ty of my wri­ting.
  • 7
    I can main­tain gram­ma­ti­cal cor­rect­ness throug­hout the com­ment.
  • 8
    I can en­su­re ac­cu­ra­te spel­ling in my wri­ting.
  • 9
    I can use punc­tua­ti­on ef­fec­tive­ly to enhan­ce cla­ri­ty and co­he­rence.
  • 10
    I can use ef­fec­ti­ve lin­king and struc­tu­ring de­vices to link ideas.
  • 11
    I con­sis­tent­ly use the pre­sent tense as ap­pro­pria­te for the com­ment wri­ting genre.