• Conditional Type 3 (Level E)
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  • 15.02.2022
  • Englisch
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Which one is correct?
Which of these are not Conditional Type 3 sentences?
I can't believe I almost missed the contest! I am kind of lost in thoughts now...
What could have been? Right before the contest, Conny is lost in her thoughts! Help her put them in order to put her mind at ease!
Remember to use the correct form for the Conditional Type 3!
  • 1) If I (to put on) an alarm in the evening
  • I (to oversleep + not) in the morning
  • it (to take) me extra time at the entrance to sign up to the contest.
  • they (to start) without me.
  • 5) If I (to fill in + not) the form in advance,
  • 3) If I (to get + not) to the bus stop in time
  • I (to arrive) late to the contest.
  • 7) If I (to sign up) too late,