• Asking questions: Interview with a star
  • Sascha Lesum
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
  • 8, 9
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Imagine you have the chance to interview your favourite star. What questions would you ask him or her? Where would you like to do the interview? What would your star answer? How would your star behave? Questions over questions!

First, choose a partner. If necessary, you can build a group of three students.
On your own, choose your favorite star and write down at least six questions you would like to ask him/her. If you like, you can use the app Pages or Notizen for your writing.
Switch your questions with your classmate. Now make up answers for your classmate's questions. Be creative! Don't be rude! You can write the answers into your classmate's Pages or Notizen document.
Now start creating a video with animated characters by using the app Plotagon, in which you interview your favorite star.
Use your own voice for your questions to your star and then let your classmate record the answers on your device and the other way around.
When you think you're finished with your video, show it to your classmate and ask him/her for feedback to improve your video.
Finally, download the improved version of your video and send it to your teacher for the final class presentation + feedback + assessment lesson.