• Asking questions: Interview with a star
  • Sascha Lesum
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
  • 8, 9
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Ima­gi­ne you have the chan­ce to in­ter­view your fa­vou­ri­te star. What ques­ti­ons would you ask him or her? Where would you like to do the in­ter­view? What would your star ans­wer? How would your star be­ha­ve? Ques­ti­ons over ques­ti­ons!

First, choo­se a part­ner. If necess­a­ry, you can build a group of three stu­dents.
On your own, choo­se your fa­vo­ri­te star and write down at least six ques­ti­ons you would like to ask him/her. If you like, you can use the app Pages or No­ti­zen for your wri­ting.
Switch your ques­ti­ons with your class­ma­te. Now make up ans­wers for your class­ma­te's ques­ti­ons. Be crea­ti­ve! Don't be rude! You can write the ans­wers into your class­ma­te's Pages or No­ti­zen do­cu­ment.
Now start crea­ting a video with ani­ma­ted cha­rac­ters by using the app Plo­t­a­gon, in which you in­ter­view your fa­vo­ri­te star.
Use your own voice for your ques­ti­ons to your star and then let your class­ma­te re­cord the ans­wers on your de­vice and the other way around.
When you think you're fi­nis­hed with your video, show it to your class­ma­te and ask him/her for feed­back to im­pro­ve your video.
Fi­nal­ly, down­load the im­pro­ved ver­si­on of your video and send it to your teacher for the final class pre­sen­ta­ti­on + feed­back + as­sess­ment les­son.