• Describing a Picture
  • anonym
  • 23.08.2020
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Step 1 - Introduction

What: can you see / kind of picture is it?

Where: was the picture taken?

Who: is on the picture?

When: was the picture taken/published?

(A general description, keep it short)

The picture shows... / On the picture is|are...

The picture was taken in...

There is/are... on the picture

The picture was taken in.../published on...

Step 2 - A detailed Description

  • Start in the middle
  • choose your path (top to bottom/ bottom to top/left to right)
  • Who is doing what/What is happening?remember: use the present progressive (is/am/are and verb+ing)

In the center/middle I can see/there is

On the bottom a ... is shown/pictured.

In the top right corner the picture shows ...

The man/woman is... / The people are...

The car/helicopter is...

Step 3 - Interpretation and your opinion

I think... / In my opinion the picture shows ... / Maybe the picture shows ... / It could be that...

I like/don't like the picture because... / What I really love/hate about the picture is ...

The picture makes me think of... / When I look at this picture ... comes to my mind.