• Diary task
  • annecasually
  • 07.09.2021
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Dear Diary...
Keep a reading diary while you are reading Dear Martin. You can use a spare notebook, sheets in your folder or a Word document on your laptop. Write down what you think and feel about the characters or the plot. The following questions can help you.
  • What did you feel after reading this scene/chapter?
    What did you like or dislike about the scene?
    What characters stood out? Why?
    What quote did you find remarkable?
    What would you do differently then the characters?
    What do you not understand?
What do Jared or Manny think? We learn more about Justyce's thoughts by reading his letters to Martin Luther King. But what about the other characters? Write a diary for Jared OR Manny. Choose at least 3 scenes and come up with diary entries from Jared's or Manny's perspective for each of them.

Consider the following questions:

What role did they play in the scene?

Is there an argument? Do they agree or disagree with the other characters and why?

What relations do they have to the other characters?