• Directions: Christmas
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  • 15.12.2023
  • Englisch
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Santa for­got the way to your house.

You were very nice this year and you hope that Santa is going to have many pres­ents for you.

But there is a pro­blem: Santa has lost both his map and his mo­bi­le phone so he is not going to find the way to your house. Help him!

Coll­ect a list of places in a town or city:
  • Use your book on page 46 to coll­ect some ideas.
  • You need more ideas? Look at page 142
What dif­fe­rent ways of say­ing street are there in Eng­lish?
  • Look at the map on page 46-47 and write them down.
Now draw a map of your neigh­bour­hood.
  • In­clude at least eight streets with names in the map.
  • In­clude at least 10 dif­fe­rent places in the map.
  • One place has to be your home
  • One place has to be a shop.
  • One place has to be the train sta­ti­on.
  • You need help? Look at the maps in your book and in your exer­cise part
As Santa's rein­de­ers are on ho­li­days (they want to ce­le­bra­te their Christ­mas Ho­li­days with their fa­mi­lies) Santa hast to take the train.
  • Draw the way from your house to the train sta­ti­on
  • Now de­scri­be the way from the train sta­ti­on to your home. Santa wants to get fit and walk a lot. Write at least eight sen­ten­ces.
  • Start like This:
    Dear Santa,
Toda is not Santa's day. He also for­got your pre­sent on his desk in his work­shop at the North Pole! On his way to your home, he has to stop in a shop to get so­me­thing for you.
  • Write a dia­lo­gue bet­ween Santa (cus­to­mer) and the shop as­sistant.
  • Write at least ten sen­ten­ces. Do you need help with your dia­lo­gue? Look at Skills File 15 on page 153. You can also use the fol­lo­wing phra­ses:

Sen­ten­ces for a cus­to­mer:

Ex­cu­se me, plea­se.

Do you have...

How much is/are...?

That's too ex­pen­si­ve.

That's OK/good.

I'd like..., plea­se.

Have you got...?

Can I have...?

Here you are.

Thank you.

Sen­ten­ces for a shop as­sistant:

What can I do for you?

Can I help you?

It's / They are...

It isn't ex­pen­si­ve.

Is that ever­ything then?

OK. That's £..., plea­se.

Here's your chan­ge. £...