• Do or make rules and exercises
  • HerrSauer
  • 17.04.2023
  • Englisch
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Do or make?


is used when we talk about ac­ti­vi­ties or tasks that we per­form.

Ex­amp­les: do the laundry, do ho­me­work, do the dis­hes, do a job, do exer­cise


is used when we talk about crea­ting or pro­du­cing so­me­thing.

Ex­amp­les: make a cake, make a dra­wing, make a plan, make a de­cis­i­on, make a mista­ke

De­ci­de! Do or make?
  • a) Can you plea­se make some cof­fee for me?
    b) I need to do my laundry be­fo­re the weekend.
    c) She likes to make art in her free time.
    d) He al­ways for­gets to do his cho­res around the house.
    e) We should make a plan be­fo­re we start the pro­ject.
    f) My dad likes to do cross­word puz­zles in the mor­ning.
    g) They make their own bread be­cau­se it's chea­per.
    h) I have to do my hair be­fo­re the party to­night.
    i) She's going to make a salad for lunch.
    j) He needs to do some exer­cise to stay heal­t­hy.
    k) Let's make a cake for the party!
    l) He's going to do his best on the exam to­mor­row.
    m) They're going to make a fire in the fire­place to­night.
    n) Can you plea­se do me a favor (=ge­fal­len tun) and water my plants while I'm gone?
    o) She loves to make ho­me­ma­de pasta from scratch.
    p) I usual­ly do the dis­hes after din­ner.
    q) He's going to make a phone call to his pa­rents later.
    r) We need to do some gro­cery shop­ping for din­ner to­night.
    s) She al­ways makes her own Hal­lo­ween cos­tu­me.