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  • 30.06.2020
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Put in the right form. There is one ex­am­ple.
Setze die rich­ti­ge Stei­ge­rungs­form ein. Es gibt ein Bei­spiel.

Bei­spiel: Jack is three years older than David.

1. My sis­ter is two years (old) than me.
2. Mu­nich is (small) than Lon­don.
3. I think my scarf is (nice) than Holly's scarf.
4. Ben's white T-​shirt is (long) than the red T-​shirt.
5. Size S is (big) than size XS.
6. Luke thinks the Ger­man foot­ball team is (good) than the Eng­lish foot­bal team.
7. The pink dress is (pret­ty) than the green dress.
8. Lucy thinks that maths ho­me­work is (bad) than Eng­lish Ho­me­work.
9. I think my new bike is (cool) than my sis­ter's bike.
10. Peter thinks tricks on a skate­board are (easy) than on a snow­board.
11. The new Adi­das trai­ner are (cheap) than the new Nike trai­ners.
12. Anna says her fist name is (short) than Su­san­na's.