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Text 1: This is Alberto. He is my best friend. We are in the same class at school, 1a. Alberto is eleven years old and he lives in Waldhausen. He has got one younger brother and one younger sister. His brother is called Mateo but I don't know his sister's name.

Alberto has dark short hair and brown eyes. Around his nose there are some freckles.

He is tall and slim. Most of the time he is happy. He is also rather clever!

My friend is very good at sports and music. He can ski and play football very well. He is in the skiing team of Waldhausen and he plays football in my team. He loves sports but he also loves music very much. He can play the guitar very well and now he even tries to play the bass guitar because he wants to play in the school band next year. I think he likes school because he is very good at English and music.

In summer and autumn he always plays football with his team on Monday and Friday in the afternoon. On Wednesday he has got guitar lessons after school.

In winter he practises a lot for the ski races. At the weekend he often goes skiing with his parents and siblings. When there is a race he often wins it. He has got a lot of gold medals and cups in his room!

Text 2: My name is Sonja and I live in Gloxwald with my parents and my grandma. I am an only child. I am ten years old and I go to school in Waldhausen. My mum is a teacher in Grein and my dad works for a security company in Linz.

I am tall. Very tall! In fact I'm the tallest girl in my class. My hair is long and brown and my eyes are brown, too. I am a happy girl and I laugh a lot.

I love music. I play the flute and I can also play the clarinet a little bit. I like singing and everything that has to do with music. I play in a band with some of my classmates and friends. On Tuesday I have got flute lessons in the afternoon. I like my teacher. She is nice. I don't like sports very much. In fact I hate sports! I can't ski and I'm not very good at P.E. I am a bit clumsy, I think. But watching the sports programme on TV is okay for me.

Text 3: My name is Leni and this is my best friend Hanna. We are in the same class at school. I am ten years old, but Hanna is already eleven years old.

I’ve got one brother named Simon, but my friend has got one brother and two sisters.

Their names are Moritz, Sophia and Anja. I live with my mum, my dad, my brother and my grandma in a big house in Gloxwald. Hanna lives with her parents and her siblings in a big house in Nöchling.

We both have got oval faces with some freckles. My hair is blonde and Hanna's hair is brown. My eyes are small and dark blue, Hanna's eyes are brown and small, too.

We both have got a small nose and also small ears. I am not very tall, Hanna is a bit taller than me. I like wearing trousers, T-shirts, boots and earrings. Sometimes I like wearing dresses, too. Hanna likes wearing trousers, T-shirts and earrings. We both wear glasses.

My talents are playing the piano and tennis. I like music and sports a lot. I can also play table tennis and volleyball. Hanna plays the flute. She is very good at playing it and she really loves it. And she can sing very well! My friend isn't good at sports and so she does not like it very much. She hates the P.E. lessons at school but she loves music, of course.

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beschreibt jemand sich selbst und eine Freundin?
beschreibt jemand sich selbst?
beschreibt jemand einen Freund?
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... doesn't like sports.
... has got a brother.
... loves music.
... is tall.
... has got freckles.
... can play the clarinet a bit.
... has got a brother named Simon.
... can't ski.
... has music lessons on Wednesday.
... plays in a band.
... likes wearing T-shirts.
... has got brown hair.
... lives with his / her grandma.
... plays the flute.
... is an only child.
... has got a lot of gold medals.
... plays an instrument.
... is eleven years old.
... plays in a team.
... lives in Gloxwald.
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