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Text 1: This is Al­ber­to. He is my best fri­end. We are in the same class at school, 1a. Al­ber­to is ele­ven years old and he lives in Wald­hau­sen. He has got one youn­ger brot­her and one youn­ger sis­ter. His brot­her is cal­led Mateo but I don't know his sis­ter's name.

Al­ber­to has dark short hair and brown eyes. Around his nose there are some freck­les.

He is tall and slim. Most of the time he is happy. He is also ra­ther cle­ver!

My fri­end is very good at sports and music. He can ski and play foot­ball very well. He is in the ski­ing team of Wald­hau­sen and he plays foot­ball in my team. He loves sports but he also loves music very much. He can play the gu­i­tar very well and now he even tries to play the bass gu­i­tar be­cau­se he wants to play in the school band next year. I think he likes school be­cau­se he is very good at Eng­lish and music.

In sum­mer and autumn he al­ways plays foot­ball with his team on Mon­day and Fri­day in the af­ter­noon. On Wed­nes­day he has got gu­i­tar les­sons after school.

In win­ter he prac­ti­ses a lot for the ski races. At the weekend he often goes ski­ing with his pa­rents and sib­lings. When there is a race he often wins it. He has got a lot of gold me­dals and cups in his room!

Text 2: My name is Sonja and I live in Glox­wald with my pa­rents and my grand­ma. I am an only child. I am ten years old and I go to school in Wald­hau­sen. My mum is a teacher in Grein and my dad works for a se­cu­ri­ty com­pa­ny in Linz.

I am tall. Very tall! In fact I'm the tal­lest girl in my class. My hair is long and brown and my eyes are brown, too. I am a happy girl and I laugh a lot.

I love music. I play the flute and I can also play the cla­ri­net a litt­le bit. I like sin­ging and ever­y­thing that has to do with music. I play in a band with some of my class­ma­tes and fri­ends. On Tu­es­day I have got flute les­sons in the af­ter­noon. I like my teacher. She is nice. I don't like sports very much. In fact I hate sports! I can't ski and I'm not very good at P.E. I am a bit clum­sy, I think. But wat­ching the sports pro­gram­me on TV is okay for me.

Text 3: My name is Leni and this is my best fri­end Hanna. We are in the same class at school. I am ten years old, but Hanna is al­re­a­dy ele­ven years old.

I’ve got one brot­her named Simon, but my fri­end has got one brot­her and two sis­ters.

Their names are Mo­ritz, So­phia and Anja. I live with my mum, my dad, my brot­her and my grand­ma in a big house in Glox­wald. Hanna lives with her pa­rents and her sib­lings in a big house in Nöch­ling.

We both have got oval faces with some freck­les. My hair is blon­de and Hanna's hair is brown. My eyes are small and dark blue, Hanna's eyes are brown and small, too.

We both have got a small nose and also small ears. I am not very tall, Hanna is a bit tal­ler than me. I like wea­ring trou­sers, T-​shirts, boots and ear­rings. So­me­times I like wea­ring dres­ses, too. Hanna likes wea­ring trou­sers, T-​shirts and ear­rings. We both wear glas­ses.

My ta­lents are play­ing the piano and ten­nis. I like music and sports a lot. I can also play table ten­nis and vol­ley­ball. Hanna plays the flute. She is very good at play­ing it and she re­al­ly loves it. And she can sing very well! My fri­end isn't good at sports and so she does not like it very much. She hates the P.E. les­sons at school but she loves music, of cour­se.

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be­schreibt je­mand sich selbst und eine Freun­din?
be­schreibt je­mand sich selbst?
be­schreibt je­mand einen Freund?
Lies die Texte noch ein­mal und finde her­aus, auf wen die In­for­ma­ti­o­nen zu­tref­fen.
... doesn't like sports.
... has got a brot­her.
... loves music.
... is tall.
... has got freck­les.
... can play the cla­ri­net a bit.
... has got a brot­her named Simon.
... can't ski.
... has music les­sons on Wed­nes­day.
... plays in a band.
... likes wea­ring T-​shirts.
... has got brown hair.
... lives with his / her grand­ma.
... plays the flute.
... is an only child.
... has got a lot of gold me­dals.
... plays an in­stru­ment.
... is ele­ven years old.
... plays in a team.
... lives in Glox­wald.
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