• Winning vs Losing/Giving advice
  • tanja.schoettl
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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Po­si­ti­ve words and phra­ses:

  • to win (win-​won)
  • to suc­ceed (V)/to be suc­ces­ful (Adj)/suc­cess (N)
  • to pass (an exam)
  • I can do it/this!
  • I will work hard(er) (to work hard)
  • I will try again (to try again)
  • I am good at ... (to be good at)
  • to get bet­ter at
  • to get it right
  • I'm not good at it yet, but I'm going to work very hard
  • I don't give up

Ne­ga­ti­ve words and phra­ses:

  • to lose (lose-​lost) (V)/loser (N)
  • to fail (fai­led) (V)/failu­re (N)
  • to miss (missed)
  • I made a mista­ke (to make a mista­ke)
  • I give up (to give up)
  • I'm not going to try again
  • I'm rub­bish at this!
  • I can't do it!
  • to get bad gra­des
  • I'm bad at...
  • to fail (an exam)

Gi­ving ad­vice - Je­man­dem einem Rat­schlag geben

You could...

You should...

What do you think about ...?

What if you ...?

I would ....

Why don't you (try) ...?

My idea is to ....

I think you could/should...

One thing you could/should do is...

The best idea/thing is to...