• English G 21 A1 Unit 3
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  • 30.06.2020
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Read the A-Section from page 54 - page 57 A9.
  • How many new grammar rules can you find in the A-Section?
  • In which A-Sections can you find the new rules?
    Write down the grammar topic (e.g. personal pronouns) and the section (e.g. A1) in your exercise book.
    Add 4 example sentences from the A-Section for each topic. (Underline the new grammar topic in the sentences.)
Explain the new grammar rules in your OWN WORDS!
  • Write them down in your exercise book - so that you understand them!! (You can draw a picture, use colours, .... )
  • Make (at least) 2 exercises (TB, WB) for each rule. Write the TB exercises in your exercise book - with page and number.
    Add also page and number of the WB exercises.
  • Create one exercise for each grammar rule. You have to know the correct answer!

  • Copy the new words on your vocab cards. Don't forget the sentences and !!!
  • Write down 5 new words you like the best.
  • Write down 5 new words you can't remember.