• Past Perfect exercise
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  • 30.06.2020
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ei­ge­ne Gra­fik

Past Per­fect - very easy - un­der­line

  1. After Steve had left school, he loo­ked for his first job.

  2. He loo­ked on­line after he had found no in­te­resting jobs in the news­pa­per.

  3. After he had sent some e-​mails to book shops he went to one job in­ter­view.

  4. After he hadn’t got the job he loo­ked for other jobs.

  5. He star­ted work as a bike mes­sen­ger after he had clea­ned cars for some weeks.

  6. After Steve had been a bike mes­sen­ger for two weeks his old bike broke.


Past Per­fect - easy - fill in

1. Steve went to bed, after he had watched TV. (had watchedwent)
2. He woke up up, after he had had a hor­ri­ble dream. (had had

3. After Steve had played Mor­tal Com­bat, he sent a text mes­sa­ge to a fri­end. (had playedsent)
4. After he had warmed up up some cold pizza, he called his girl fri­end. (had war­med

5. His girl fri­end hung up on him, after she had told him it was 4 in the mor­ning. (had toldhung up)
6. After Steve had looked out of the win­dow, he wentjog­ging in the dark. (had loo­ked