• Past Perfect exercise
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  • 30.06.2020
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    Past Perfect - very easy - underline

    1. After Steve had left school, he looked for his first job.

    2. He looked online after he had found no interesting jobs in the newspaper.

    3. After he had sent some e-mails to book shops he went to one job interview.

    4. After he hadn’t got the job he looked for other jobs.

    5. He started work as a bike messenger after he had cleaned cars for some weeks.

    6. After Steve had been a bike messenger for two weeks his old bike broke.

    Past Perfect - easy - fill in

    1. Steve to bed, after he TV. (had watchedwent)
    2. He up, after he a horrible dream. (had had
    3. After Steve Mortal Combat, he a text message to a friend. (had playedsent)
    4. After he up some cold pizza, he his girl friend. (had warmed
    5. His girl friend on him, after she him it was 4 in the morning. (had toldhung up)
    6. After Steve out of the window, he jogging in the dark. (had looked