• Describing people
  • pikous
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
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  • Tony & Sinead

    These are Tony and Sinead. They are my neighbours and best friends.

    Tony and Sinead are siblings. We are from Limerick, Ireland and we go to the same school.

    Tony is eleven years old but Sinead is only eight.

    Their skin is pale but their faces are oval and covered with freckles.

    They don't wear glasses or braces. I think both of them look pretty.

    They are not very tall although Tony is already a bit taller than his sister.

    They are slim and quite fit because they do a lot of sports in summer.

    Both of them are redheads. Tony has got short straight hair whereas the girl has got long and wavy hair. Their noses are small but they both have got big brown eyes. Their ears are quite normal I would say.

    They like wearing casual clothes and they also like each other very much.

    I also like them very much because we spend most of our free time together.

    Sylvia & John

    On that photograph you can see my grandparents. Their names are Sylvia and John Winkelheimer. Isn't that a funny name?

    They live on a small farm near Chesterfield in England.

    My grandfather is already seventy-eight years old. My grandmother is a bit younger, she's seventy-two but I think both of them look younger than they are. Their skin colour is white and their faces are full with wrinkles but that's not a problem, at least not for me.

    They both wear glasses like a lot of old people do.

    My grandma is not very tall but my grandpa is really tall and he has got really big ears as well. They even stick out a bit! My grandma has got a round nose and green eyes and they both have got white hair.

    They used to go hiking quite often when they were younger but now they can't do sports anymore. Nevertheless my grandpa feeds the cows every day and grandma helps my aunt in the kitchen whenever she can. They're still quite fit!