• Describing people
  • pikous
  • 30.06.2020
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Tony & Si­ne­ad

These are Tony and Si­ne­ad. They are my neigh­bours and best fri­ends.

Tony and Si­ne­ad are sib­lings. We are from Li­me­rick, Ire­land and we go to the same school.

Tony is ele­ven years old but Si­ne­ad is only eight.

Their skin is pale but their faces are oval and co­ver­ed with freck­les.

They don't wear glas­ses or braces. I think both of them look pret­ty.

They are not very tall alt­hough Tony is al­re­a­dy a bit tal­ler than his sis­ter.

They are slim and quite fit be­cau­se they do a lot of sports in sum­mer.

Both of them are red­heads. Tony has got short straight hair whe­re­as the girl has got long and wavy hair. Their noses are small but they both have got big brown eyes. Their ears are quite nor­mal I would say.

They like wea­ring ca­su­al clo­thes and they also like each other very much.

I also like them very much be­cau­se we spend most of our free time toge­ther.

Syl­via & John

On that pho­to­graph you can see my grand­pa­rents. Their names are Syl­via and John Win­kel­hei­mer. Isn't that a funny name?

They live on a small farm near Ches­ter­field in Eng­land.

My grand­father is al­re­a­dy seventy-​eight years old. My grand­mo­ther is a bit youn­ger, she's seventy-​two but I think both of them look youn­ger than they are. Their skin co­lour is white and their faces are full with wrin­kles but that's not a pro­blem, at least not for me.

They both wear glas­ses like a lot of old people do.

My grand­ma is not very tall but my grand­pa is re­al­ly tall and he has got re­al­ly big ears as well. They even stick out a bit! My grand­ma has got a round nose and green eyes and they both have got white hair.

They used to go hi­king quite often when they were youn­ger but now they can't do sports an­y­mo­re. Ne­verthe­less my grand­pa feeds the cows every day and grand­ma helps my aunt in the kit­chen whe­ne­ver she can. They're still quite fit!