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  • 30.06.2020
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Read these texts. Underline going to - future and will - future with two different colours.
Text 1

Dear Maja,

Next Tuesday is my birthday and I’m going to have a fancy dress party at my place on Friday. The motto is going to be 'Underwater World' and I’m going to dress up as a mermaid. My twin sister is also going to be a mermaid.

You better bring two presents. It's her birthday, too! And please come in a nice costume!

First we are going to dance, sing, listen to music and have a lot of fun. We can also jump on the trampoline if the weather is good. Later we are going to eat my birthday cake and drink a lot of fizzy drinks and eat some sweets, muffins and cookies. We can also have chips and sausages.

There’s going to be a big surprise for my guests at midnight. I think you might like it!

The party starts at ten o’clock in the morning and ends at ten o'clock am the next day.

You can stay overnight at my place if you like, but bring a sleeping bag and your pyjamas.

I hope you can come.

Love, Jara

Text 2

Dear Jelena,

Next Sunday is my birthday and we are going to celebrate at our swimming pool in the garden. The motto is ‘Twisting by the pool’. The water is already very warm, so please bring your swimming costume or a bikini.

First we are going to dance, sing and listen to pop songs and after that we are going to play some nice party games. We could also play badminton if you want to. And of course we are going to have fun in the pool every now and then. There’s going to be a lot of fizzy drinks like Fanta, Coke and Sprite and my mum is going to bring all kinds of sandwiches from Subway’s.

I nearly forgot to tell you the time my party is going to start! Come around six pm.

You can stay overnight but don't forget your pyjamas! I hope you will be there!

Yours, Emily!

Text 3

Dear Fabian,

Next week is my birthday and I am going to have a gaming party at my place on Friday. I think most of the time we will play computer games. If we have the same games we can play them together, so please bring all the games you've got with you. Of course we are going to eat my birthday cake and drink cola, too.

The party starts at three o’clock pm and ends at half past six.

If your parents allow it you can stay overnight at my place. I hope you will come!

Yours, Anton

Text 4

Dear Magdalena,

Next Saturday is my birthday and I'm going to have a disco party at my home. The motto is 'Saturday Night Fever' and we are going to start at five pm. I got a beautiful dress from my mum, that's one of my presents. My brother is going to wear his suit just like my dad and my mum also bought a new disco dress for the party. Please come in a beautiful disco outfit. First we’re going to dance, sing and listen to music from the charts. We can also go swimming in our pool if the weather is okay. Then we’re going to eat Mum's birthday cake and drink a lot of fizzy drinks. There is going to be ice tea and lemonade without carbonic acid as well. For dinner we are going to have sandwiches or burgers. After that we are going to party on! You are allowed to sleep at my place, so bring pyjamas and blankets. If you don't want to your parents can pick you up any time, but not before ten pm!

It's going to be a great party, so I hope I'll see you on Saturday.

Yours, Anna

Read the texts and gather the information to complete the table.

text 1

text 2

text 3

text 4








Read the sentences and tick the appropriate text. The birthday child ...
wants to sing and dance with the guests at the party.
is going to have sandwiches at the party.
offers carbonated drinks as well as drinks without carbonic acid.
wants the guests to come in beautiful clothes.
offers to go swimming in her family's pool.
has prepared a birthday surprise at midnight.
wants to party for 24 hours.
offers the guests to stay overnight.
is going to wear the same costume as her sister.
wants to play a lot of computer games.
Answer the questions.
  • If you could choose one of the parties, which one would you go to? Give a reason.
  • What was the best party you ever went to? Why? What happened?