• QR codes in the bar and restaurant (with audio file)
  • Vivienne Boyd-Deák
  • 30.06.2020
  • Englisch
  • 2. Ausbildungsjahr
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  • This is a 90-minute lesson for a 2nd year class of apprentices in the field of hospitality and catering. Below you will find the situation and a suggestion for a tapescript or memo. You can record your voice or use mine. I have saved an example here: https://bit.ly/2w1w1BI

    I have set the situation in London because that is where I originate from, but feel free to change it to your taste.

    You have many options on how to collect, cluster and discuss the students` suggestions. If you are into experimenting with digital media, I recommend trying out the Kartenabfrage on the website Oncoo.de. Make a screen shot once you have finished clustering and evaluating so you do not lose any data by accident.

    QR-Code for audio file

    Introduction to the lesson

    You are an apprentice in a hotel chain in Germany that has partners all over the world. Your boss has sent you on a four-week exchange to an associated London hotel to gain more experience. It is the morning staff meeting and the hotel manager has an important announcement. While you listen, make notes in English or German so that know what you need to do afterwards.

  • The Meeting (Transcript)

    Good morning, everyone! Great to see you all!

    OK, as you all know our bar area has been renovated and it looks fantastic. The architects, builders and the interior decorators have all done a brilliant job in turning our out-dated bar into something special.

    We have seen many more guests using the bar so that is a very positive development.

    I saw this interesting TV programme on using QR-codes to give hotel and restaurant guests more information and attract new customers.

    So this week, I need you to think about where and how we could use QR-codes in our restaurant and bar to increase sales and attract customers who have not experienced our food and drink yet.

    I am also very interested in motivating people who use the bar to visit our restaurant afterwards or vice versa.

    In the TV programme I watched, they talked about where QR-codes are often used in hospitality and catering. Now, I don`t know if this is useful to you but perhaps this list will help you to come up with some suggestions:

    - in the entrance area
    - at the bar and restaurant
    - on the menu/at the table
    - on the receipt
    - outside the restaurant
    - in surprising places

    I need to know where you would place the QR-codes, what information the QR-codes show when scanned and why this would be an advantage to the guests, our restaurant and bar.

    At the end of this meeting you will be given a QR-code to access a digital board where you can post your suggestions.

    I am looking forward to your ideas.

    See you all next week!