• EN 9a Voctest Unit 3
  • Stefanie1608
  • 10.06.2023
  • Englisch
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Fill in the cor­rect word. Use the Ger­man word in bra­ckets as a help.

1a. Ever­y­o­ne has big dreams they want to   (er­rei­chen) in life.

1b. For some, it's wri­ting a   (wis­sen­schaft­lich) paper,

while for others it's ma­king a breakth­rough.

1c. Wha­te­ver your dream may be, it's im­portant to 

(sich be­wer­ben für) you are in­te­res­ted in.

1d. Here is an ex­amp­le: A   (frü­he­rer) pro­fes­si­o­nal ath­le­te .

1e. First he thought ha­ving a   (kah­len) head is 

(pein­lich), but now he   (ra­sie­ren) it and em­braces his uni­que look.

1f. I won‘t eat   (da, weil) we're going to a re­stau­rant later.

1g. Your skirt is much too short. It's not   (an­stän­dig).

1h. She has a   (Ge­schenk, Gabe) for un­der­stän­dig things very


1i. Dad and his fri­ends are    (ver­rückt nach) old


1j. What is your   (Vor­aus­sa­ge) for the Bun­des­li­ga this


1k. Wit­hout   (Küh­lung), meat starts to smell after a

few hours.

Which words/terms are de­scri­bed

2a. The ac­ti­vi­ty of jum­ping from an air­craft and free-​falling be­fo­re ope­ning a pa­rach­u­te.

2b. Have a po­si­ti­ve im­pact or ef­fect on so­me­thing or so­me­o­ne.

2c. Per­spi­ra­ti­on that comes out of the pores of the skin, usu­al­ly a re­sult of phy­si­cal exer­ti­on or heat.

2d. The gra­du­al in­crease in the Earth's aver­a­de sur­face tem­pe­ra­tu­re, pri­mar­ly cau­sed by the re­lease of green­house gases.

2e. An area drawn out on the ground that is used for play­ing sports such as ten­nis and bas­ket­ball.

2f. A small in­sect with two wings.

2g. The Ame­ri­can Eng­lish word for traf­fic lights.

2h. To say that you will not do or ac­cept so­me­thing.