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Listening: Teenage immigrants

Listen to a news report about children and teenagers that come to the US as illegal immigrants. Complete the sentences.

1. Most of these illegal immigrants under 18 come from Latin America, for example and .
2. About children come to the US illegally without their parents per year.

3. When these teenagers are found by the police and interviewed about why they have come to the US, it becomes very tough for them because .
4. Most of the Mexican children immediately when they are found near the border.

5. The main reasons why the children leave their home countries are and .
6. Kang gives the example of a 10-year-old boy from El Salvador whose father was by his former gang.
7. When children are found at the border, it must be clear that they have not been .
8. Besides, it must be checked whether they are and that they are in a position to say whether they want to stay or go back home.
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Grammar: Conditional Sentences

Complete the conditional clauses below. The sentences are conditional sentences types 1, 2 or 3.
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1. If Jack   his car, he won't get much money for it. (to sell)

2. They   her birthday if they hadn't traveled. (not, to miss)

3. If it started to snow, children  a snow castle. (to make)

4. It    more expensive if we take a taxi. (to be)

5. If Amelia   to the airport, she would have been late for her flight.(not, to rush)

6. If you look out of the window, you    a fantastic view. (to see)

7. Would you be scared if someone   to rob you? (to try)

8. Emma would be surprised if James   to the party. (not, to come)

9. If I   earlier last night, I would have fixed my bicycle. (to come)

10. Matthew will be upset if he   you tomorrow. (not, to see)

Grammar: Gerund

Look at the pictures and use the gerund and the preposition below the pictures to describe how the people feel.
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Writing: Argumentative Text

Choose one of the following topics and discuss it by writing an argumentative text with at least two arguments for both sides (minimum 150 words):

Parents always know what is best for their children.
Early stardom will ruin a child’s life.

Content __ 9 pts.| Language __ 9 pts.| Structure __/ 3 pts.
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