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Listening: Immigration

Listen to a news report about illegal immigrants coming to the US. Complete the sentences.

1. Last year over illegal immigrants were apprehended at border.
2. In US history, this is .
3. US officials expect more to come across the border .
4. Most of these illegal immigrants come from Latin America, for example and .
5. Along the way they are met with from .
6. The Biden administration is blaming .
7. The information the illegal immigrants are receiving is giving them .
8. The government has created an information cell to .
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Grammar: Conditional Sentences

Complete the conditional clauses below. The sentences are conditional sentences types 1, 2 or 3.
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1. If I hadn't fallen from the stairs, I    my arm. (not to break)

2. If I   you, I would spend a vacation in Greece. (to be)

3. We wouldn't see each other every day if we    in neighboring houses. (not to live)

4. He   some weight if he doesn't stop eating so much food. (to gain)

5. My team would have won the competition if we   harder. (to train)

6. Lilly will make a sandwich if she   hungry. (to get)

7. If James had a bigger salary, he   a car. (to buy)

8. If Andrew   home on time, his wife will be angry with him. (not to come)

9.She    the passport if she hadn't rushed. (not to forget)

10. If you had come to my birthday party, you    my parents there. (to meet)

Grammar: Gerund

Use the gerund and the preposition. Complete the sentences.
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1. My mother is bad      the dates. (to remember)

2. We are looking forward    from you. (to hear)

3. I blame him   not   me. (to help)

4. She carried     until 2 am. (to chat)

5. Columbus is famous     America. (to discover)

6. They are excited     time together. (to spend)

Writing: Argumentative Text

Choose one of the following topics to write an argumentative text with at least two arguments for both sides about (minimum 150 words):

California needs stricter laws to protect child stars.

Content __ 9 pts.| Language __ 9 pts.| Structure __/ 3 pts.
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