• English Unit 1
  • Cornelissen
  • 17.08.2022
  • Englisch
  • 6
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Speak about yourself

Hi, my name is ...

I'm from ... (country).

I live in ... (city).

I'm ... years old.

My birthday is on the ...

My favourite subject is ... because ...

My hobbies are ... and ...

I don't like ... because ...

My favourite food is ...

My favourite drink is ...

My favourite day of the week is ... because ...

I llike ... (films).

I (don't) like English because ...



The Romans under Emperor con-quered Britain in the year . They landed with troops and defeated the Britons.


The Romans built and also , Many of the moder roads still follow them.

The biggest structure the Romans built was . It was miles long and up to metres high.

Also the Romans founded a lot of for example (which they called Londinium).

New things

The Romans brought a lot of new things to Britain:

• f

• a new l

• new ways of farming

• new medicines

Things didn’t change much for the . They worked hard on the fields of Britain.

When Romans left

Romans left Britain in

English in Year 6

At the mall