• Exercises simple present and word order
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What's the time, please?
Write down the time in numbers and phrases. Ex: 6:11 = It's six eleven; it's leven past six







Fill in the correct form of the verb. Remember- he she it, das 's' muss mit.

Mrs Preston's. day: Every morning I (to have) breakfast with my husband and Dave. Dave always (to sleep) late. It (to be) difficult for him to get up. Then I (to go) into my office and (start) the computer. There (to be) usually a lot of people and their pets in the waiting room. Some people (to come) every week, because their pets are really ill. At twelve o'clock I (to have) lunch with my secretary. We usually (to eat) a sandwich. She (to like) ham and cheese, but I (to like) ham and cucumber (Gurke). At one o'clock my husband usually (to come) to the surgery to say hello. He sometimes (to hurry) back, because he is really busy.

Dave (to come) home from school at 3.30. That (to be) really late. He then (to do) his homework and he sometimes (to play) computer games after homework. We (to have) dinner at 6 o'clock. My husband and I often (to watch) TV and I (to go) to bed at 10:30. I like my busy days.

Number the words in the correct order
  • lunch
  • sometimes
  • at the surgery
  • have
  • at twelve o'clock
  • the prestons
Number the words in the correct order
  • Dave
  • to cooking club
  • on Tuesddays
  • usually
  • goes
  • at the cafeteria
Number the words in the correct order
  • Dave
  • looks after
  • usually
  • on Saturdays
  • granny Rose
  • in the morning
Number the words in the correct order
  • talks
  • in Dave's room
  • a lot
  • usually
  • on Saturday morning
  • Aunt Frances
Find the mistakes. There are eight mistakes. Underline and correct them

Daves room is in the loft of the Prestons' house. It is really big and nice. He have got a computer there too. Dave get up at 7:30 in the morning. Uhhh - that's really early for him. He likes Saturdays and Sundays because he can be in bed till 10:00.

Aunt Frances comes every Saturday to the Prestons, because she like the new neighbour. They sits and talk from 10:00 till 12:00 in the garden. Dave is happy. He plays his computer game on Saturday in his room.

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