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Hot seat!


Some stu­dents are put in the po­si­ti­on of the main cha­rac­ters and are in­ter­view­ed by their class­ma­tes.


Put yours­elf in the po­si­ti­on of XY and try and iden­ti­fy with his/her si­tua­ti­on, fee­lings and cir­cums­tances → deeper un­der­stan­ding!

Main cha­rac­ters: Play the role of your cha­rac­ter. Think about what kind of ques­ti­ons the others could ask you and pre­pa­re with re­gards to the con­tent → work with the text!

Also, try to think about what kind of lan­guage you could need, such as use­ful ex­pres­si­ons for an­s­we­ring ques­ti­ons, buy­ing some time or avo­iding cer­tain to­pics.

Do take notes on con­tent and lan­guage!

Pick two ac­tors who will re­pre­sent your cha­rac­ter on the hot seat!

In­ter­view­ers: Think of re­le­vant (!) ques­ti­ons to ask the main cha­rac­ters.

Do take notes re­gar­ding con­tent and lan­guage.

Du­ring the in­ter­view, you will al­ter­na­te­ly ask your ques­ti­ons → ever­yo­ne will ask at least one ques­ti­on!

Loo­king for Alas­ka


Miles first men­ti­ons to his pa­rents and school fri­ends that he wants to leave home for boar­ding school. His fa­mi­ly and fri­ends are not just sur­pri­sed, but also hurt. They won­der what Miles ex­pec­ts from that rapid chan­ge in his life…

Group 1 + 2 - Miles
  • You pre­pa­re Miles for the ques­tio­ning. Try and stick to the story when an­s­we­ring the others' ques­ti­ons. That means that you need to con­sider Miles' point of view and think about what he would an­s­wer in that si­tua­ti­on.
    Pick one per­son who will re­pre­sent Miles on the hot seat!
Groups 3 + 4 - Fri­ends and Fa­mi­ly
  • You pre­pa­re ques­ti­ons for Miles. Con­sider what kind of ques­ti­ons are re­le­vant at this point in the novel in order to make as­sump­ti­ons as to how the story will con­ti­nue.
    Think about...

    - Miles' fee­lings
    - fee­lings of his pa­rents and school fri­ends
    - Miles' ex­pec­ta­ti­ons
    - Miles' life at home