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  • 30.06.2020
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Hot seat!

Some students are put in the position of the main characters and are interviewed by their classmates.

Put yourself in the position of XY and try and identify with his/her situation, feelings and circumstances → deeper understanding!

Main characters: Play the role of your character. Think about what kind of questions the others could ask you and prepare with regards to the content → work with the text!
Also, try to think about what kind of language you could need, such as useful expressions for answering questions, buying some time or avoiding certain topics.
Do take notes on content and language!
Pick two actors who will represent your character on the hot seat!

Interviewers: Think of relevant (!) questions to ask the main characters.
Do take notes regarding content and language.
During the interview, you will alternately ask your questions → everyone will ask at least one question!

Looking for Alaska

Miles first mentions to his parents and school friends that he wants to leave home for boarding school. His family and friends are not just surprised, but also hurt. They wonder what Miles expects from that rapid change in his life…

Group 1 + 2 - Miles
  • You prepare Miles for the questioning. Try and stick to the story when answering the others' questions. That means that you need to consider Miles' point of view and think about what he would answer in that situation.
    Pick one person who will represent Miles on the hot seat!
Groups 3 + 4 - Friends and Family
  • You prepare questions for Miles. Consider what kind of questions are relevant at this point in the novel in order to make assumptions as to how the story will continue.
    Think about...

    - Miles' feelings
    - feelings of his parents and school friends
    - Miles' expectations
    - Miles' life at home