• Tenses - Present and Past
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  • 30.06.2020
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Present Simple vs. Present Progressive
  • Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. The weather very nice today. (be)

2. They their homework now. (do)

3. My family and I to the park quite often. (go)

4. They French and German. (speak)

5. We to the trainstation right now. (drive)

6. She a song at the moment. (sing)

7. You the driver. (be)

8. Mike always his hair in the morning. (wash)

9. My mother right now. (cook)

10. Emma usually to school by bus. (go)

11. He a fast car. (drive)

12. Please be quiet! I a very interesting book. (read)

13. They normally breakfast at 6.30 am. (have)

14. Hurry up! The bus for us. (wait)

15. Berlin the capital of Germany. (be)

16. I think we currently down the wrong road. (walk)

17. He sometimes late. (arrive)

18. I'm sure you the answer. (know)

19. Emma! Someone for you outside! (wait)

20. She ice cream. (love)

Past Simple vs. Past Progressive
  • Fill in the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1. Ben Emily at the Park. (see)

2. Lucy me her photos. (send)

3. When I (phone) my friends, they (play) monopoly.

4. Helen her new school. (love)

5. I (try) to tell them the truth but they (not/listen).

6. Phil fish and chips for lunch. (eat)

7. While Aaron (work) in his room, Sam (swim) in the pool.

8. Julie (sleep) when the doorbell (ring).

9. The kids (play) in the garden, when it suddenly (begin) to rain.

10. Everybody to the swimming pool. (go)

11. We English yesterday at 4:00 pm. (study)

12. Sam to Rome yesterday. (go)

13. I (want) to watch a movie, but my sister (want) to play cards.

14. Yesterday at six I dinner. (prepare)

15. My two brothers (listen) to the radio when the doorbell (ring).

16. We a great meal in the new restaurant. (have)

17. My father (watch) a movie while my sister (study).

18. Yesterday, I two books. (read)