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Si­gnal­wör­ter für die Zeit­for­men
What do the ten­ses mean in Ger­man? What is the Ger­man trans­la­ti­on? Fill in the gaps.

The Simp­le Pre­sent is the in Ger­man. Simp­le Past means in Ger­man, and the Pre­sent Per­fect is the same as the in Ger­man.

usual­ly, two years ago,

yes­ter­day, in 2008,

(not) yet, often,

al­rea­dy, so far,

last year, re­gu­lar­ly,

so­me­times, ever

Now have a look at the MAR­KING WORDS writ­ten below. Plea­se fill them in the table at the bot­tom.

Simp­le Pre­sent

Simp­le Past

Pre­sent Per­fect


ten­ses = Zeit­for­men

mar­king words = Si­gnal­wör­ter

usual­ly = nor­ma­ler­wei­se

yet = schon / not yet = noch nicht

so­me­times = manch­mal

Plea­se re­mem­ber to bring this works­heet to tui­ti­on with you every time! We are going to add new words to the table step by step. (Bitte denkt daran, die­ses Blatt jedes mal zur Nach­hil­fe mit­zu­brin­gen!)