• Fairtrade Adventure
  • sandrawd
  • 22.02.2021
  • Englisch
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  • Scan the QR Code to watch the first part of  'My Fairtrade Adventure 1'

    CC by 4.0 Sandra Winter-Davies

    Tick the correct answers

    What are the cocoa beans used for?
    • soap
    • fuel
    • moisturiser
    • chocolate bars
    Why are the cocoa beans fermented?
    • It gives the chocolate its flavour
    • To clean the cocoa beans
    • To cool the cocoa beans
    • It kills the germs inside
    Where is Tayna heading to?
    • Jamaica
    • Mexico
    • Los Brazos
    • Dominican Republic
    Which products are being made out of cocoa beans in the factories in Europe?
    • liquid chocolate
    • cocoa plants
    • cocoa butter
    • cocoa powder
    How many bars of chocolate can be produced with one bag of cocoa?
    • 700 small chocolate bars
    • 700 large chocolate bars
    • 700 chocolate drops
    • 700 chocolate balls

    Before you finish eating your breakfast, you 've depended on more than half the world.

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Fill the gaps using the correct words

    ripe - larger scale - moisturiser - ferment - available

    1. You can use to keep your skin soft.
    2. I won't be this evening because I need to walk the dog.
    3. If you food and drinks, it goes through a chemical change because of the action of bacteria, which may cause it to produce heat.
    4. As soon as the apple is you can eat it.
    5. When equipment is used by many people it is used on a .

  • Now watch the sequel of the video ' My Fairtrade Adventure 2'

    Klick on the link to revise and learn your vocab using Quizlet!


    Answer the questions after watching the video.

    • What does it mean 'to live below the poverty line'?
    • How much is the chocolate industry worth?
    • How much chocolate bars do the people eat in the UK?
    • Why are farmers of the Cocoa industry so poor?
    • Name three benefits the farmers have when being part of the co-operative of Conacado?


    Now it's your turn! Work in pairs!
    Imagine you are Mariella, Francisca or Angel. You want to introduce yourself as well as your thoughts of Conacado and Fairtrade in general to a stranger. Write an introduction based on the video you watched.
    Include the following points:
    - their personal change since they joined Conacado.
    - how their life and the lives of their family members and friends have changed.
    - what future projects they would like to do in their communities.
    (~150 words).

    Ambrosia has already finished her introduction. Watch the video to find out what she has to say :)