• Fast Fashion
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  • 20.11.2023
  • Englisch
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Lis­ten ca­re­ful­ly to what is said in the video.
Choo­se the cor­rect ans­wer to each ques­ti­on.
Where did the fire hap­pen?
How many people have died?
Which Ame­ri­can re­tai­ler is said to have used this fac­to­ry?
How were the con­di­ti­ons de­scri­bed in the do­cu­ment?
Fill the gaps.
Use the words lis­ted below.

The fire hap­pen­ed . The workers were there be­cau­se they worked
. Ban­gla­desh has the in the world. Ame­ri­can com­pa­nies have been war­ned about the , but they have not .

Word List

over­ti­me shifts | ex­tre­me dan­gers | at night | che­a­pest la­bour | taken ac­tion

Extra Task for Quick Stu­dents
  • Note at least 3 words or phra­ses used in the video that you find im­portant to dis­cuss fast fa­shion.
  • Ex­plain why you think they are im­portant.