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Ireland's geography and history

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Fill in the gaps

The Republic of Ireland is divided into 26 counties. The first settlers were from the celtic tribe. St. Patrick, the patron saint brought Christianity to the island in the 5th century. Ireland's national symbols are harp and shamrock. Besides English Gaelic is also spoken, mostly in the northern part of the country.

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Bring these historic events into the correct order.
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    Ireland becomes an independent republic.
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    Guinness, the largest company, is founded.
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    The Republic enters the Eureopean Community (later EU).
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    Missionaries arrive in 450 AD.
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    1 mio. people in the wake of the 'potato famine'.
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Find some interesting facts about Ireland's capital, Dublin.
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  • Use at least three different websites
  • Quote the source after each info
Which statement is true?
  • Giant's Causeway is composed of Granite.
  • Ireland's longest river is the Liffey.
  • The national writer is William Butler Yeats.
  • One can find many well-preserved castles and ruins on the Rock of Kerry.
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