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Ire­land's geo­gra­phy and his­to­ry

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Fill in the gaps

The Re­pu­blic of Ire­land is di­vi­ded into 26 counties. The first sett­lers were from the celtic tribe. St. Patrick, the pa­tron saint brought Chris­tia­ni­ty to the is­land in the 5th cen­tu­ry. Ire­land's na­tio­nal sym­bols are harp and shamrock. Be­si­des Eng­lish Gaelic is also spo­ken, most­ly in the northern part of the coun­try.

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Bring these his­to­ric events into the cor­rect order.
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    Ire­land be­co­mes an in­de­pen­dent re­pu­blic.
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    Guin­ness, the lar­gest com­pa­ny, is foun­ded.
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    The Re­pu­blic en­ters the Eu­reopean Com­mu­ni­ty (later EU).
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    Mis­sio­na­ries ar­ri­ve in 450 AD.
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    1 mio. peo­ple in the wake of the 'po­ta­to fa­mi­ne'.
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Find some in­te­resting facts about Ire­land's ca­pi­tal, Dub­lin.
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Which state­ment is true?
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