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  • Ireland's geography and history

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    Fill in the gaps

    The Republic of Ireland is divided into 26 . The first settlers were from the tribe. , the patron saint brought Christianity to the island in the century. Ireland's national symbols are harp and . Besides English is also spoken, mostly in the northern part of the country.

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    Bring these historic events into the correct order.
    • Ireland becomes an independent republic.
    • Guinness, the largest company, is founded.
    • The Republic enters the Eureopean Community (later EU).
    • Missionaries arrive in 450 AD.
    • 1 mio. people in the wake of the 'potato famine'.
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    Find some interesting facts about Ireland's capital, Dublin.
    • Apply various search keywords
    • Use at least three different websites
    • Quote the source after each info
    Which statement is true?
    • Giant's Causeway is composed of Granite.
    • Ireland's longest river is the Liffey.
    • The national writer is William Butler Yeats.
    • One can find many well-preserved castles and ruins on the Rock of Kerry.
    Do you know the correct info?