• Bullying
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  • 30.06.2020
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    Go to the internet-page the QR-code links to and...
    • Read three of stories posted. (Clear up all unknown words and write them down)
    • Pick one story and summarize it in three sentences.
    • Describe how and why the person in the story was bullied.
    • Explain how the person felt. (Look up any words you need to explain this)
    • Discuss what could be done to stop that kind of bullying?
    Come together in groups of four and...
    • Compare the stories you picked by presenting your summaries, your description of the reasons and type of bullying and your explaination of how the person felt.
    • Discuss what could be done to prevent bullying at school.

      Thinks about what:
      -the school as an institution
      can do.

      Write down your answers