• Friendship
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  • 20.10.2020
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  • Friendship
    Below you can see a list of adjectives which describe the qualities of a good friend. Fill in the correct noun next to each of the adjectives!

    A good friend is ...
    trustworthy , honest , emphatic , loyal , supportive , funny , patient , positive , attentive , spontanious and reliable .

    A recipe for friendship
    • After reading the sample recipe, think about the ingredients YOU would mix together to create friendship (and how much of each is needed). Then, write a friendship recipe (ingredients + 5-8 phrases)!
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    Listen and choose the correct answer!
    Australian scientists found that a network of friends ...
    • increased people's happiness.
    • increased people's connection to their children.
    • increased people's chances of living longer.
    • increased people's family members.