• Grammar: During, for, while?
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  • 20.04.2024
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Gram­mar: Du­ring, for, while?

Com­ple­te the sen­ten­ces below with eit­her: du­ring, for, while.

1. She stu­di­ed Ger­man two years be­fo­re mo­ving to Ber­lin.

2. The con­cert las­ted three hours.

3. He likes to lis­ten to music he's dri­ving.

4. They tra­veled to Eu­ro­pe the sum­mer ho­li­days.

5. I was in Japan two weeks last month.

6. The kids were play­ing out­si­de it star­ted rai­ning.

7. We stay­ed at the beach the en­ti­re af­ter­noon.

8. He's been wai­ting at the bus stop twen­ty mi­nu­tes.

9. She fell as­leep wat­ching TV.

10. The store is clo­sed re­no­va­tions.
As­sign each si­gnal word to the ap­pro­pri­a­te pre­po­si­ti­on for, du­ring or whiel with the cor­rect pre­po­si­ti­on:
  • - yes­ter­day
  • - every mor­ning
  • - a long time
  • - I was coo­king
  • - all night
  • - the past week
  • - she was slee­ping
  • - the af­ter­noon
  • - ages

Prepositions like for, during, and while are words that show the relationship between nouns or pronouns and other words in a sentence.