• Grammar sheet - infinitive with to
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  • 17.09.2022
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Fill in the gaps. Use the grammar section of your book (p. 188-190) if you need help.

The infinitive with to is used:

1. after certain verbs (e.g. )


2. after certain verbs + question words


3. after (the first, the best, the only)


4. after want, would like, expect, ask, tell +


With the infinitive with to you often express:

1. and (e.g. with want, would like, hope, decide, expect, offer, promise,…)

2. (e.g. I‘d prefer to stay home tonight)

3. efforts or attempts (e.g. try, learn, manage)

In some cases the infinitive is used without to. This happens:

1. after modal verbs (can, should, must, have to)

e.g. They should trust her.

2. after let/make + object

e.g. They should let her go out with her friends.

Fill in the gaps using the following verbs. Use the infinitive form with out without to.

meet up | take | do | calm down

1. They don‘t let me anything!

2. They should and relax - but it might a while.

3. I hope we can soon.