• Handout: New Boy - Tracy Chevalier
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  • 04.03.2021
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What forms of power and knowledge in different relationships lead to Osei's downfall?


Theories on power and its influence are used to pinpoint the factors that led to Osei's downfall by analysing the characters and plot of the novel.

Focault's Discourse Theory

Dicourse theory is concerned with issues of power and domination within social contexts.



Soccer coach:

10 laps around the field, now!


One group has a predominant influence over other groups and pushes their beliefs onto others

Leadership Styles

- Autocratic

- Democratic

- Laissez-Faire

OMG American pop culture is the best!

No talking back 'cause I'm the boss, end of discussion!

Line of reasoning supported by these theories:

Teachers reinforcing racist ideologies

Students influenced by these beliefs

Ian whispering in students' ears

Osei becomes isolated and lashes out

King of the playground = POWER


Rumor machine!