• How to describe a picture
  • lkallan
  • 02.04.2022
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Steps to describe a picture:

Use the

Simple Present

1. Give an overview of the picture!

In the picture I can see...

The picture shows...

2. Talk about where things are!

In the foreground you can see...

In the middle there are...

3. Add details! Who is doing what?

Two people are wearing...

The sun is shining...

4. Speculate about the context!

The picture makes me think of...

I (don't) like the picture because...

Simple Present:

he/she/it -

das S muss mit!

Use the

Simple Present

Use the

Present Progressive



subject +

is/are +

ING-form of

the verb

Use the

Simple Present

Phrases to describe a picture:

in the top left

hand corner

at the top

in the top right

hand corner

in the foreground

on the left

hand side

in the middle/


on the right

hand side

in the background

in the bottom left

hand corner

at the bottom

in the bottom right

hand corner

Describe the picture using the steps and phrases!