• How to write an E-mail
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  • 04.01.2021
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How to write an E-mail

In the group phase that starts after today's lesson you will write E-mails and send them to one student of the Mount Isa School of the Air in Australia. On your group instructions you can find the e-mail address of the student in Australia.

Please follow the guideline when you write your E-mail.

Subject line and Greeting
- your e-mail must include a subject line where you state the topic of your mail (e.g. why you write this mail or what this e-mail is about -> questions regarding your school life ...)
- you start your e-mail with a greeting: avoid Hi or Hello, this is not very polite, better use Dear... and use the name of the student (you will find it on the instruction sheet)
Main paragraphs:
- in the first paragraph you explain the reason for writing the e-mail and introduce yourselves (every group member can do that but keep it short!
- in the second you can explain your current situation here in Germany being in shutdown
- the second paragraph also includes your questions for The Australian student: be polite and find interesting questions (at least 7!)
- the third paragraph is used for thanking the student that they are willing to help you. You can use I/We look forward to hearing from you...

Useful information

- write your e-mail in appropriate and correct English

- you can use short forms

- write in a friendly tone and be polite

- you can invite the Australian student to ask you questions back, if they have any

- end your e-mail in a respectful way
- you can use kind regards for example
- put all your names under the greeting (leave space between the greeting and your names)