• If Sentences Typ I
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  • 14.03.2021
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If-Sätze Typ I

Mit If-Sätzen vom Typ I sagst du, was unter bestimmten Bedingungen geschehen wird. Der If-Satz steht im simple present, der Hauptsatz enthält eine Zukunftsform mit will oder ein modales Hilfsverb (z.B. must, can, should).

Beispiel: If I don't tell them, we'll have to meet secretly.

               You must talk with them, even if they argue with you.



simple present

If your train is late,

Zukunftsform mit will

we will meet in town.

modales Hilfsverb + Grundform

we can meet in town

Fill the gaps with the correct answers

1. If Emma (to talk) with her parents, she (to feel) better.

2. Mark (to do) well if you (encourage) him just a little.

3. She (to be) very angry if you (to apologise).

4. If you (to lock, not) your bicycle, someone (to steal) it.

5. If I (to lock) the door, nobody (to enter) my room.

6. If you (to run, not) faster, you (to miss) the bus.

7. They (to go, not) to the park if it (to start) to rain.

8. The baby (to laugh) if you (to smile) at it.

9. He (to go) to the cinema with you if you him.

10. If she (to leave) without saying goodbye, they (to be) very sad.

11. We (to celebrate) if our team (to win) the game.

12. If the boys (to study) hard, they (to pass) the exams.

13. If you (to see) Julia tonight, (to tell) her to message me.

15. My teacher (to show) us her cat, if we (to behave).