• Introduction to our Book Project
  • natalja_gl
  • 17.05.2021
  • Englisch
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Let's start our Book Diary!
Create a cover page
  • Make sure to include the book title, the author's name, your name and the school year.
  • Design the rest of the first page of your diary the way you want. Let your creativity shine!
Portraits of the main characters
  • Read the rest of the first chapter.
  • Scan it afterwards for physical descriptions.
  • Sketch down the described characters + give them their name.
  • Continue to write down important facts & characteristics + colour in your sketches as you go on reading and discover new hints.
  • Leave room in your diary for additional characters you will encounter later in the book.

Main facts & characteristics:
- e.g. 54 years old
- mother of the main character
- scared of the dark
- ...
Create a Vocabulary Guide
  • Make a column (such as the example on the right side) with the three categories:
    vocabulary - sentence - synonymmeaning/
  • Fill in the new vocabulary you find while reading.
    Also, write down the sentence where the word appears + search for the English meaning or synonyms in your dictionary/reliable internet sites.
  • Leave enough space for additional vocabulary you will encounter during the rest of the book.


example sentence



Depression is not a side effect of cancer.

serious disease

Writing your first diary entry (short story)
  • Read the second chapter.
    Remember to continue the character-portraits + vocabulary guide.
  • Read the last few sentences of the chapter again. How do you think the story will continue? Write your own chapter with around 250 words (do not read Chapter 3 before writing).