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Read the party invitation cards and find the information to complete the table.

1️⃣ Game On!

Hey, gamers!

Get ready for an awesome gaming party to celebrate my 13th birthday! Join me for a day filled with fun and friendly competition.

Date: Saturday, 5th July

Time: 3:00 PM

Place: 456 Game Street, London

Dress Code: Casual and Comfy

We're going to have video games, board games, and even a gaming tournament! We're also going to have snacks, pizza, and a selection of fizzy drinks. Feel free to bring your own games, controllers, and devices if you want to.

Call me if you can come by 28th June.

Get ready for an amazing time!

Looking forward to seeing you!

Your mate, Alex

2️⃣  Magical Unicorn Party!

Dear fantastic friends,

You're invited to a magical celebration for my 12th birthday. Let's dive into a world full of unicorns and enchantment together!

Date: Sunday, 12th April

Time: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Location: 789 Enchanted Avenue, Manchester

Dress Code: Magical Outfits

We're going to have unicorn-themed decorations, crafts, and face painting and we're going to  enjoy delicious treats like unicorn cupcakes, colorful snacks, and sparkly drinks.

Please bring your creativity and a happy spirit to join in the magic of this special day.

Reply to my parents by 5th July if you can come.

Let's create magical memories together!

Can't wait to celebrate with you!

Yours, Lily

3️⃣ Glamorous Hol­ly­wood!

Hey fa­bu­lous fri­ends,

It's time to get glamorous for my 14th bir­th­day party – a Hollywood-​themed ex­tra­va­gan­za!

Get ready to shine like a star and join me for a night full of glitz and gla­mour.

Date: Fri­day, 25th June

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Lo­ca­ti­on: 234 Gla­mour Ave­nue, Car­diff

Out­fit: Red Car­pet Ready

We are going to have a mini fa­shion show, a photo booth, and a dance floor to show off your moves. We're also going to enjoy de­li­cious buffet-​style food, pop­corn, and spe­cial mock­tails fit for ce­le­bri­ties. Don't for­get to bring your best dance moves and a smile that lights up the room!

Plea­se let me know if you can make it.

Let's make this night un­for­gett­a­ble!

Loo­king for­ward to your dazz­ling pre­sence at the party!

With ex­ci­te­ment, Emma

4️⃣ Adventure Time!

Hey there, fellow adventurers!

You're invited to join me on an exciting adventure to celebrate my 13th birthday! We'll be exploring a magical forest together.

When → Saturday, 20th August

What time → 2:00 PM

Where → 123 Adventure Lane, London

What to wear → Adventure Clothes

What to bring →  Your excitement, a smile, and a camping chair if you can.

There is going to be fun games, challenges, and even a treasure hunt! And my mum is going to serve us tasty pizza, snacks, and drinks to keep us energized throughout the adventure.

Please RSVP to my mum by 15th June.

Can't wait to have a great time with you!

See you soon!

Your friend, Jack

Birthday child






Game on!

Magical Unicorn Party!

Glamorous Hollywood!

Adventure time!


Hey, gamers!

Dear fantastic friends,

Hey fabulous friends,

Hey there, fellow adventurers!








Magic, Unicorn




Saturday, 5th July

Sunday, 12th April

Friday, 25th June

Saturday, 20th August

Starting time

3:00 PM

1:00 PM

6:00 PM

2:00 PM


456 Game Street, London

789 Enchanted Avenue, Manchester

234 Glamour Avenue, Cardiff

123 Adventure Lane, London


Casual and Comfy

Magical Outfits

Red Carpet Ready

Adventure Clothes


video games, board games, gaming tournament

unicorn-themed decorations, crafts, and face painting

mini fashion show, photo booth, dancing

fun games, challenges, treasure hunt

Food & drinks

snacks, pizza, fizzy drinks

unicorn cupcakes, colorful snacks, sparkly drinks

buffet-style food, popcorn, special mocktails

pizza, snacks, drinks

What to bring

games, controllers and devices

creativity and a happy spirit

dance moves and a smile

excitement, a smile, camping chair



Lily's parents


Jack's mum

Closing phrase

Your mate, Alex

Yours, Lily

With excitement, Emma

Your friend, Jack