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  • 26.11.2023
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The Na­tio­nal His­to­ry Mu­se­um

Place this text so­me­whe­re in the class­room.
Read a sen­tence, try to me­mori­ze it and then go back to your seat and write the sen­tence down.
In the end, com­pa­re the texts with each other.
Tip: It can help to start with pa­ra­graph one, then two and three.

My visit at the Na­tio­nal His­to­ry Mu­se­um in Lon­don


Last sun­day, I vi­si­ted the Na­tu­ral His­to­ry Mu­se­um in Lon­don. It was a great visit be­cau­se they had an ex­hi­bi­ti­on about di­no­saurs. I went there with my older sis­ter and our pa­rents.


I was very ex­ci­ted about our trip be­cau­se they showed the "Pa­ta­go­titan" at the mu­se­um.

The "Pa­ta­go­titan" was one of the big­gest ani­mals to ever walk the earth.

"Pa­ta­go­titan" di­no­saurs were 36 me­ters long and five me­ters tall. I lear­ned a lot about how they found food, sur­vi­ved and where they lived. It was im­pres­si­ve to see how big the "Pa­ta­go­titan" re­al­ly was. The "Pa­ta­go­titan" lived on earth around 100 mil­li­on years ago.


All in all, it was an ama­zing ex­pe­ri­ence and I learnt a lot about di­no­saurs!