• Life now and then
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  • 08.10.2023
  • Englisch
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Match the sentences to create mini-dialogues between the grandparent and grandchild. Highlight all the past forms in the asnswers.
  • Grandma, I can watch cartoons on my tablet whenever I want!
  • Grandpa, I can listen to any song I want on my phone.
  • Grandma, I can video call my friends from school.
  • Grandpa, we take the car everywhere we go!
  • Grandma, I can research anything on the internet for my school projects.
  • Grandpa, I can play games with my friends online.
  • Grandma, we can order anything online and have it delivered to our doorstep!
  • Grandpa, I can binge-watch entire seasons of shows on streaming platforms.
  • Grandma, I can play games on my gaming console for hours!
  • Grandpa, I can use a computer to write my essays and reports.
  • 3
    When I was your age, we wrote letters to our pen pals and waited weeks for a reply.
    No video calls or instant messaging.
  • 7
    When I was your age, we went to the store, picked out what we wanted, and carried it home ourselves. No online shopping!
  • 8
    When I was your age, we had to wait for one episode at a time on TV. No binge-watching back then!
  • 6
    When I was your age, we played board games and card games with our friends in person.
    No online gaming.
  • 9
    When I was your age, we played board games and card games with our siblings and friends. No gaming consoles for us!
  • 2
    When I was your age, we played vinyl records on a record player to listen to our favourite music.
  • 5
    When I was your age, we went to the library and used encyclopedias for research.
    No internet for homework help.
  • 1
    When I was your age, we had to wait for Saturday morning cartoons on the TV.
    No tablets back then!
  • 10
    When I was your age, we wrote our assignments by hand or used typewriters.
    No computer word processing!
  • 4
    When I was your age, we walked to school or rode our bicycles. No car rides to school for us!
Read the dialogue between Emily and her grandma.
(excited) Grandma, look at this new game I'm playing! It's so much fun!
(smiling) Oh, dear, that reminds me of a time when I was your age.
We didn't have these fancy gadgets, you know. Life was quite different back then.
(curious) Really, Grandma? How did you spend your time?
Well, sweetheart, when I was young, we used to play outside a lot.
We didn't have tablets or smartphones. We made our own fun.
(intrigued) What did you do?
(nostalgic) On a sunny day like this, we would gather our friends and play games like hopscotch and tag. We'd ride our bicycles all over the neighbourhood.
(surprised) Bicycles? Did they have screens too?
(chuckles) No, darling. Bicycles were just two-wheeled machines for riding. No screens, no buttons. It was all about feeling the wind in our hair and exploring the world around us.
(amazed) That sounds fun, Grandma. What about school? Did you use tablets for learning?
(shaking her head) Oh, no, not at all. We had books and chalkboards.
Our teachers wrote lessons on the board, and we took notes with pencils and paper. No digital textbooks or online classes.
(thoughtful) That's so different from my school.
(smiles) It was, indeed. And when it came to talking with our friends,
we used to pick up the phone, which was attached to the wall, and have long conversations.
(laughs) Attached to the wall? That's funny, Grandma!
(laughs too) Yes, it may seem funny now. Times change, my dear.
We didn't have all the technology you have today, but we had our own ways of enjoying life and connecting with each other.
(appreciative) I'm glad I have all these gadgets, Grandma, but your stories sound lovely too. It's interesting to learn about how things were different when you were young.
(smiles warmly) I'm happy you think so, sweetheart. Times change,
but the love and memories we create are what truly matter.

In the game of Tag or It, one person starts as "it." Their job is to touch someone else. If they touch someone, that person becomes "it" and has to touch someone else. Try not to get touched for as long as you can!

Think about something you can do now that your parents or grandparents couldn't do when they were kids. Write or draw a picture to show what it is, and be ready to share with the class.