• Listening Comprehension "Environment"
  • Sophie Hoerster
  • 06.03.2021
  • Englisch
  • 10, 11
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What is Climate Change? A video by Al Jazeera English

The recording you are about to hear is taken from a report on climate change. You are going to listen to the entire audio twice. Before listening, read through the tasks. The audio includes short breaks for you to complete the corresponding tasks.

The speaker describes a graph that shows the change in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Which of the graphs 1-4 is she describing? (See separate sheet of paper)
Which of the following aspects is NOT mentioned as a cause of the Greenhouse Effect? Tick one.
Please fill in the gaps with the correct temperatures.

Compared to pre-industrial times, our atmosphere is now about 1°C hotter than around the year 1800. According to the UN, a total temperature increase of 1.5°C by the end of the century is no problem. Even an increase of 2°C should be alright. However, we are about to hit 1.5°C in only 10 years.

Name at least two localities that are affected by the rising sea levels.
Miami in the US
Osaka in Japan
en­ti­re is­land na­ti­ons in the Pa­ci­fic
Fill in the following table using 1-5 words in each line.

Country / Locality

Actions and developments after Paris agreement

Planet Earth


Russia and China

Turkey and Poland

India, Marokko, the Gambia

Planet Earth: CO2 increased by 2%; we're going backwards; more awareness USA: pulled out Russia and China: set themselves low targets Turkey and Poland: want to build power plants India, Marokko,…
Which of the following statements summarise the speakers' final thoughts? (You may tick more than one)